Dr. Aguilera was very professional
I found myself with an emergency. My tooth underneath a previous root canal fell out. I was able to use temporary adhesive and visited three dentists in Newport Beach to get an opinion of what my costs would be to repair this. None of these doctors took my dental insurance plan so I was going to have to pay the full amount directly for any work that was to be done... The opinions of these doctors were that I needed very extensive dental work done. I might as well have bought them a new car! Being frustrated, I discussed this with my San Francisco girlfriend who is a dental hygienist (for the last 30 years). She told me to be careful because some dentist like to perform unnecessary treatments. I looked up a dentist on my insurance plan. Not only did Dr Aguilera make time for me immediately, he did not have to do all of the extensive work that was suggested by those other dentists. I only had to pay 1/8 of their quotes. And my insurance covered half of that. I decided to buy a car for myself! I might add that Dr. Aguilera was very professional, efficient, forthright, has been in the business over 30 years, even teaches to other dental professionals part time, and has a wonderful staff. I plan on visiting him 3 to 4 times a year for teeth cleaning.


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